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When Is the Best Time to Visit Puerto Rico?

When it comes to unforgettable, year-round Caribbean vacation destinations, Puerto Rico is one of the most popular, and for good reasons. The small island is world famous for its culture, nightlife, cuisine, breathtaking beaches and spectacular natural wonders—including three bioluminescent bays that emit an otherworldly glow at night.

Depending on the vacation experience you’re looking for, several variables determining the ideal travel window for your trip include weather, pricing, crowd sizes, availability, and seasonal events and activities.

Here’s a useful breakdown of these key factors to help you determine the optimal time for your visit to Puerto Rico:



Puerto Rico enjoys a relatively warm, tropical climate for the majority of the year, with temperatures typically ranging between 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, high average humidity, and varying rainfall based on location and topography.

Here are some of the weather conditions you can expect throughout different seasons:


Visitors flock to Puerto Rico between December and March to take advantage of the incredible weather. Expect comfortable, mild temperatures in the 70s with low humidity and a low chance of rain.

Travelers looking to beat the heat may prefer to visit during the winter months, especially if planning to spend a lot of time outside soaking in the beautiful sun and sea.


One of the most popular travel periods is the spring, following the busy winter holidays. Enjoy sunny weather and welcoming temperatures ranging in the mid to high 80s, as well as significantly less precipitation between March and June.

Travelers can bask in the warmth and liveliness of Puerto Rico during spring break.


From late June to September, temperatures reach between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and can feel hot and muggy, with frequent rainfall.

June also marks the beginning of hurricane season, so there’s always a chance a storm could ruin your holiday. Be sure to check the forecast ahead of your visit for a better idea of what to expect.


Expect only marginally milder temperatures hovering around 85 degrees during the day and cooling to about 75 degrees at night.

There is still relatively high humidity and a higher chance of rain and storms, though many visitors favor this season for the more favorable weather conditions.

Generally, the best time to travel to experience ideal weather is between January and March, with cooler, more comfortable conditions and less chance of rain or high humidity.


Crowd Sizes & Prices

Puerto Rico is an incredibly popular destination, attracting nearly 4 million visitors Here’s what to expect from the different tourism seasons regarding crowd sizes, availability of accommodations and reservations, and more:

Low Season

This extends from August to November, characterized by hotter temperatures and wetter conditions. If you’re looking for the best time to avoid crowds and save money, this is it.

High Season

This stretches from December to April—a window attracting winter holiday travelers and early spring breakers.

The island is incredibly popular during this period for its favorable weather, so this is when you’ll experience the largest crowd sizes and least availability for hotel and resort accommodations. The winter season also experiences higher travel and lodging expenses as holiday demand increases.

Shoulder Seasons

The shoulder seasons encompass mid-April to June, and mid-November to early December, before the holiday rush. This is when you should experience the perfect balance between comfortable temperatures, dry weather conditions, fewer crowds, greater accommodations availability, and more reasonable prices.


Special Events & Seasonal Activities

Puerto Rico is home to a variety of sensational festivals, concerts, and cultural events. Here are several regional events and island-wide seasonal celebrations and activities to enjoy:

Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián (Jan. 20) - This Catholic celebration honors the life and deeds of St. Sebastian with a rousing street festival in San Juan.

Festival del Frío