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Terms & Conditions

RESERVATIONS: Please visit, call Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel (ELT) at (678) 939-2648 or contact us via email at

IDENTIFICATION: Guests are required to make reservations in the full name that is listed on his/her

government document they will use for travel. If you need to make any changes to a name after travel

documents have been issued, clients will be responsible for all name change fees, if applicable.

PAYMENTS: We accept payments of major credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. These payments must be received in full 90-120 days before travel.  The trip payment plan will vary based on the trip if applicable.

REFUNDS: All payments to Paradise Life Travel & Tours LLC, d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel, and/or 3rd parties’ suppliers are non-refundable and non-transferable. If any specific refund policy applies to your travel arrangement, it will be noted on the travel package terms and conditions. This is because Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel has contractual agreements with hotels, airlines, and other vendors that will not allow us to obtain any refunds. This way we can keep our package prices competitive and allow you to make monthly payments on your vacation.

PASSPORTS AND VISAS: Passengers are responsible for ensuring that they have the proper travel documents and MUST CHECK with the respective consulate(s) or visa agency to determine whether any visas or passports are required. Passports are required to be valid for at least 6 months after the date of return of the travel. Some countries require a full blank “VISA” page in the passport for stamping purposes. Any information provided on the travel description pertains to US citizens only. Non-US citizens should check with the respective consulate of the country(s) to be visited for current entry requirements. We strongly suggest all cruise passengers have a valid passport in their possession while cruising.

TRAVEL PROTECTION: Missing a vacation is bad enough. Losing the money, you paid for your vacation is even worse. Therefore, we highly recommend Travel Protection which helps provide coverage for Trip Cancellation, Interruption, Baggage Loss or Delay, Medical Expenses, and more. You are required to select and purchase travel insurance yourself for Caribbean, Mexico, cruises, and domestic and international tours. When appliable we can add travel insurance to your package when making your reservations.

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: Provided full payment is received no later than your Final Payment Due date, travel

documents, and travel instructions will be sent via email and/or mail 20 days or earlier prior to travel. If paper documents are requested when e-documents are available, documents will be delivered via USPS

approximately 14-21 days prior, and a fee of $30 will apply. A complete street address is required (no P.O.



CHILDREN: All children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. The minimum age for children on most tours is 15 years old. The minimum age for South Africa and Dubai Tours is 15. The minimum age for European Tour programs is 15. The minimum age for cruise tours is 6 months old and children must sail in a cabin with an adult over the age of 25 years of age. Discounts for children sharing a room as a third person may apply to children under 12 at some resorts on Caribbean and Mexico Tours. Accompanying adults are responsible for the safety of their children including providing any necessary safety equipment (such as infant/child seats) where appropriate. Please note that many countries have adopted practices to prevent international abductions of children. If a person under the age of 18 years will be traveling with an adult other than his/her parents, or with only one parent, a notarized letter written by the parents, or non-traveling parent, granting authorization to travel, including the dates of travel should be carried.


PRICES: All prices listed are per person based upon shared twin room occupancy unless otherwise clearly

specified. Prices do not include items of a personal nature such as laundry, wines, water, beverages, food

(other than at all-inclusive resorts or were clearly specified), passport and visa fees, insurance, and foreign

port taxes unless specifically indicated in the package inclusions. Prices are correct at the time of publication.

however, as airfares continually fluctuate and classes of service may have limited capacity, tour package

prices and availability will change accordingly. In case of human or computer error, Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel reserves the right to re-invoice for the correct price or service. A full refund will be made to passengers who choose not to pay an increase, provided Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel receives a written cancellation within three days of the price increase notification.

PRE-ARRANGED GROUP PACKAGES:  Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel offers pre-arranged group travel packages. Your acceptance of these terms and conditions for a pre-arranged group package acknowledges your awareness that you have joined a pre-arranged group itinerary and that deviations from the provided group itinerary are only warranted if Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel identifies a required group change. Any personally desired changes such as arriving early or leaving late are not an option when booking within a group package offering. If the client decides to modify their attendance as noted in the stated group itinerary, the client will be responsible for any additional costs and/or inconveniences and the group will not deviate in any way from its planned itinerary as noted.

GROUP PACKAGE: Travelers booked as a group are required to meet the minimum group requirements. If such requirements are not met itinerary and pricing are subject to change. Group leaders will be required to sign a group agreement. Group leaders will be responsible for promoting and communicating with their group. Other terms and conditions may apply when booking as a group.





Deposit: A deposit is due at the time of reservation. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

All reservations (except where specified) will require a deposit and will be clearly noted the amount due and

 If a monthly payment plan is available.


Full Payment: All reservations can be paid in full at the time of booking as long as the tour still has available


MONTHLY PAYMENTS - A minimum monthly payment installment is required to keep your reservation active. The amount of the minimum monthly payment installment will be provided on your invoice.  Payment up to 30 days late will receive a notification and $50.00 late fee. Failure to make a payment for 90 consecutive days without communicating with Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel LLC will result in the automatic cancellation of your reservation. A reinstatement fee will apply.

Bi-Monthly or Quarterly Payments – Trips booked 12 months or longer out will be eligible for bi-monthly and or quarterly payments (where specified). Payments are required on time for these payment plans. Failure to communicate with Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel payment 3 days late will result in a $50.00 late fee. Payment 10 days late will result in the automatic cancellation of your reservation. A reinstatement fee will apply.


Late Payment: If there is an outstanding balance by the Final Payment Due a late fee of 5% of the balance late fee will automatically be added to your invoice one day after your final due day. Late fees vary.  Late payment and final payment are due 3 days after final payment. If not received reservation will be canceled and forfeit all prior payment amounts. Please see individual trip for additional descriptions for late fee costs.

Reinstatement of Reservation: If your travel reservations have been canceled, and you notify us within 7

days that you want to reinstate your reservations, a service reinstatement fee of $100 ($200 for international

tours) will be added to your invoice and must be paid in advance in order to apply for reconfirmation of

services. An additional fee may apply if the travel price has changed.


Last-Minute Reservations: All reservations must be made no later than 30 days prior to departure. If

requested services cannot be confirmed, payment will be refunded. If services are confirmed, full payment

is due the same day and all applicable cancellation penalties will apply.


Form of Payment:  US dollars, major credit cards, or debit cards. All payments made

within 30 days of departure must be made by credit or debit card only. Credit card charges will be accepted

online to fulfill the non-refundable deposit requirement. A convenience fee may apply to credit, debit card, and banking process payments.

PAYMENT METHODS: - We use third-party payment processing companies (e.g. TravelJoy, PayPal, Stripe). This will allow our clients to make payments with any major credit cards or debit cards. Payments are made online via your personal invoice.  We also accept certified checks by mail. Monthly payments must be received on time and the cost of the trip must be paid in full 60 – 90 days before travel depending on the term of the individual trip. A certified check must be made payable to Paradise Life Travel & Tours P.O. Box 161395 Atlanta, GA 30321 (please enter the name of the trip in the memo line or enter your invoice # if you have one.). Send a copy of the certified check to before mailing it. We do not accept payments by phone.

Refunds: All deposits and payments are on-refundable to Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel. If you purchased travel insurance through a provider refund will be processed to the credit card(s) originally used for payment, up to the total amount paid minus the cost of travel insurance, minus any non-refundable amounts, or through the 3rd parties issuing a check to travel name on the booking.  Before filing any charge disputes please contact Elite Lifestyle Travel first. If you file a charge dispute the merchant will contact Elite Lifestyle Travel for any supporting documentation needed. No portion of airline ticket purchases is refundable.

Cancellation: Once reservations have been made; cancellations will only be accepted in writing. Email your cancellation request to  with your invoice number(if applicable), full name, trip name, and date of travel. If you do not receive an acknowledgment within 48 hours, please call 678-939-2648 to ensure your information was received. This is not an acknowledgment of a refund.

Cancellation Fee: In the event of trip cancellation by the supplier, Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel, there will be, 15% of all payments made are non-refundable as an agency service fee. The agency's 15% non-refundable is separate from the non-refundable deposit, payment processing fee, and any third-party vendor policies and fees. Trip canceled by travel all payments are non-refundable and transferable to another person or trip.  If any specific refund policy applies to your travel arrangement, it will be noted on specific travel package terms and conditions. 


Reservation Changes: Changes to an existing reservation, whatever the cause, will incur a $50 per person

charge plus any additional supplier fees. This includes name changes* and removal of any services such as

optional tours and transfers. *Please note that name changes to airline reservations are subject to full

cancellation and rebooking. Replacing a traveling passenger with another traveling passenger constitutes a

cancellation, subject to cancellation penalties, and is not covered by this Reservation Changes policy. Changes

or additions after departure are subject to local rates at the time of amendment and must be paid directly by

the passenger to the service provider. There are no refunds for unused services.


The World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020, declared the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a global pandemic. The Center of Disease Control (CDC.GOV) has issued several recommendations for preventive measures on how to keep safe. The client is fully aware of the current global Coronavirus COVID-19 virus outbreak, the current travel restrictions, and the inherent risks involved if choosing to travel. For more information on COVID-19 visit the CDC website at

  1. I understand that it is his/her responsibility to check the latest travel information regarding this virus outbreak with the CDC.

  2. I understand that it is his/her responsibility to have travel insurance to ensure they have coverage for all medical needs and trip cancellation but understands that concerns or fear of travel is not a covered reason for cancellation relating to the Coronavirus/ Covid-19 and will be denied.  The client understands it is their responsibility to review and select the best travel insurance policy for their travel. I will not hold Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel, harmless for his election to not purchase travel insurance or any denial of the claim by travel insurer as it relates to Covid-19 or any other claim under the policy.
    Travel insurance generally only covers unforeseen events. Most insurers classified COVID-19 as a 'known event' in late January 2020. Please note that most policies have a specific clause stating they do not cover epidemics and pandemics, especially when travel warnings are in place. The client understands that he/she is bound by the terms of the insurance policy as it relates to Coronavirus/Covid-19.

  3. I am aware of the travel warnings, travel restrictions, and rules and understand the risks, is accepting of these, and know that Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel, host agency, vendors, suppliers, and all 3rd parties suppliers are harmless for any travel restrictions, death, illness, cancellations by suppliers, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, tour agencies or any other travel provider, financial loss, quarantining rules or measures put in place at airports or destinations you are traveling through.

  4. Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel, suppliers, host agency, and all 3rd parties vendors may have policies in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel is not the drafter or holder of those policies and I understand that these policies can change at any time. I understand that the supplier(s) may not apply those policies as diligently as the policies suggest and even if the supplier makes a good faith effort to enforce its good practices, some travelers may simply refuse to cooperate.

  5. I understand that each state/country institutes its own pandemic protective policies and regulations. I further understand that I am responsible for knowing, understanding, and abiding by the pandemic protective policies and procedures regarding COVID-19 of all state(s)/ country(ies) listed in my travel itinerary, including any policy updates. I also understand that I may be denied entry into the country for reasons within or outside of my control.

  6. I am aware further agree to hold Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel, harmless for any financial penalties or fees imposed by the suppliers, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, tour agencies, or any other travel provider due to cancellations or postponements due to Covid 19 and agrees not to institute a credit card dispute or “charge back” .to Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel for said penalties or fees.

  7. I am aware that additional screening procedures and restrictions may take place at airports and in public areas. The client is aware that these restrictions may include, a negative covid test, covid card, covid testing, mandatory face coverings, and/or temperature checks in airports, hotels, cruise ships, trains, or other means of transport.

  8. I am aware that Immigration restrictions may be put in place before or during your travels that may impede your ability to enter or exit your destination as planned.

  9. I am aware that it is his/her personal decision to travel and is doing so with full knowledge of current travel recommendations and travel restrictions. I, my travel companions, heirs, spouse, children, friends, estate, and representatives assume all risk of travel and forever  hold harmless and waives, discharge Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel, employees, host agency, vendors, all 3rd party suppliers from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, and causes of action, directly or indirectly arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by me related to COVID-19 whether caused by the negligence of the Released Parties or any third-party vendor or supplier partnering with regards to the Coronavirus COVID-19 and takes full responsibility for his/her actions with regards to this.

  10. I agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Released Parties from and against any and all costs, expenses, damages, claims, lawsuits, judgments, losses, and/or liabilities (including attorney fees) arising either directly or indirectly from or related to any and all claims made by or against any of the Released Parties due to bodily injury or harm, death, loss of use, monetary loss, or any other injury from or related to my use of Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel, employees, host agency, vendors, all 3rd party suppliers. 



In order to fully enjoy your travel with Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel, we recommend that you select a trip that is suitable to your physical capabilities. Tour participants requiring any form of assistance, including travelers with physical disabilities, or sight or hearing impairments, are required to notify Elite Lifestyle Travel prior to reservation for review and our agreement. Additionally, the tour participant must be accompanied by an individual responsible for providing those services. Tour managers, guides, drivers, or other tours, hotel, and ship personnel are not able to provide such assistance. In order to participate in escorted tours, passengers must be able to understand and follow instructions given by the Tour Director at all times, both for the successful operation of the tour as well as for their personal safety. Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel reserves the right to reject participation or remove any individual from a tour if notification was not provided and/or when, in our sole judgment, continued participation would significantly hinder the services to be provided to all guests. Expenses, including cancellation fees and/or costs for alternate travel plans or to return home, will be the sole responsibility of the passenger. Escorted tours are fast-paced, often requiring lengthy walks over uneven terrain. In the interests of group harmony, clients should be able to maintain the pace of the tour. Clients with special needs may be better served independently. Elite Lifestyle Travel can suggest touring options based on specific requirements.

Wheelchairs & Walkers: USA Tours: Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (the ADA), Elite Lifestyle Travel seeks to accommodate disabled travelers to the extent possible and consistent with the specific tour itinerary. Nevertheless, you may find that certain tour features may not be accessible to the extent that you require a wheelchair, scooter, or other special equipment to participate. We cannot provide

individual assistance to travelers with wheelchairs or other mobility devices. We regret that some itineraries cannot accommodate wheelchairs or motorized scooters. Passengers are required to advise Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel of their accessibility requirements prior to booking in order for Elite Lifestyle Travel to determine if reasonable accommodations are available.  Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel will endeavor to accommodate special access needs but does not guarantee that it will be able to do so in all cases.


International Tours: Hotels, sea, and river cruises outside of the United States are not required to comply with ADA requirements and therefore may not have ramps, wide entryways, or elevators to accommodate disabled passengers or devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, and motorized scooters. Due to physical constraints and space limitations, wheelchairs, walkers, and motorized scooters may not be taken aboard

motor coaches and river cruises.


Service Animals: Service animals cannot be accommodated on international escorted tours. Passengers on

the USA escorted tours who require a service dog because of a disability should check with Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel prior to booking a tour.


AIRLINES:  Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel is not responsible for the services and policies imposed by the airlines. Airline schedules and flights are subject to change without notice Elite Lifestyle Travel is not responsible for penalties incurred for tickets, international or domestic, not issued by Elite Lifestyle Travel due to schedule and/or flight changes. Seat assignment is not guaranteed until the guest is seated on the airplane.  Airline reservations completed online are subject to review and, should  Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel deem it necessary may be rebooked to match minimum connecting time requirements and/or tour package itineraries, in which case you will be notified immediately. Airlines reserve the right to demand immediate issuance of tickets whenever they determine that specific flights are heavily booked even when normal ticketing rules do not require tickets to be issued until a later date. In this instance, Elite Lifestyle Travel will require immediate and full payment of the airfare. This situation overrides invoice terms and conditions and payment due dates. If full payment is not received, seats will be canceled by the airline and may not be available to be rebooked on the same flights or at the same airfare. Any replacement air arrangements and airfare will be the sole responsibility of the passenger.

Airline Tickets: Once full payment is received; Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel airline tickets will be issued and are fully non-refundable. Should airline tickets require to be issued earlier than the Final Payment due date, you may be required to pay a larger non-refundable deposit and/or complete full payment. 

Airline Seat Assignments: The airlines bear the sole authority of assigning seats on group flights. Seat assignment is not guaranteed until the guest is seated on the airplane.  All Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel airline contracts are for economy class seats only. If you require another class of service, you may consider purchasing your own flights and purchasing your land-only package from Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel.


Airline Frequent Flier Programs: Passengers are responsible to contact their airline directly regarding mileage eligibility and accrual. Airline frequent flier programs determine whether to award miles in part or total based on their own rules which are updated frequently. Some discounted or promotional airfares as well as some code-share flights are not eligible for mileage accrual. Some private airfares, such as an " Elite Lifestyle Travel Airfare", are not eligible for mileage or may qualify for reduced mileage, even if the same airline class of service is eligible for full mileage when sold as an "Instant Purchase" published airfare. Not all published airfares are eligible for mileage. Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel will record frequent flier numbers when provided by the passenger prior to travel documents being issued. However, the addition of frequent flier numbers to airline records does not guarantee mileage eligibility which is at the sole discretion of each airline. Airline schedule changes may result in flights that were originally eligible for mileage accrual no longer being eligible. We highly recommend passengers provide their frequent flier account information whenever checking in online and/or at the airport check-in desk. After travel has commenced, it is often not possible to apply for frequent mileage credit. Passengers are also responsible to determine whether previously earned mileage may be applied to flights to secure upgrades.

Contact Information: Pursuant to TSA Secure Flight requirements, passengers are responsible to provide Elite Lifestyle Travel with their name as it appears on their passport (or other government-issued I.D. when traveling), date of birth, gender, address, phone number, email, and fax data for all passengers. Passengers must ensure that names are correctly listed on their invoices.  Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel will not be responsible for passengers who do not receive an invoice or documents or are denied boarding due to inaccurate information.



Airline Name Changes: Any name change including minor spelling corrections may require airline reservations to be canceled and rebooked. Reservations are subject to current availability and pricing at the time of rebooking. Once airline tickets are issued, subsequent name corrections will be subject to an airline rebooking fee which may be as much as the full value of the airline ticket plus a $50 revision fee per change.

Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel will not be held responsible for the denial of services by a carrier due to any name discrepancy. Name changes must be advised in writing at


Airline Taxes & Fuel Surcharges: If you purchased airfare, airline taxes and fuel surcharges are included. Prior to completion of full payment, there is a potential for a price increase(s) due to increases in government levied taxes and fees and/or fuel surcharges. To avoid potential increases, you may choose to accelerate your final payment in order that your tickets may be issued. Once issued, airline tickets are no longer subject to

potential increases but are fully non-refundable. Certain overseas domestic flights are subject to air taxes which can only be paid locally; in these cases, the specific flights and amounts of those taxes are indicated in our package presentation and pre-departure documentation.


Schedule Changes: In the event of an airline schedule change, Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel will make every effort to inform passengers of the schedule change and new flight schedule prior to departure. Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel is not responsible for schedule changes including, when applicable, changes in routing and/or the number of stops in the itinerary.  Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel is unable to provide compensation for schedule changes, seat assignment modifications, or cancellations implemented by an airline. In the event of any change in flight, or itinerary made directly between passengers and their airline, it is the passengers' responsibility to advise Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel of amended flight details in writing at  Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel cannot be held responsible for land services, including arrival and/or departure transfers if flights are changed without its knowledge.


Hotel Accommodations: All rooms requested are standard twin-bedded (two single beds) rooms with private

facilities unless you have specifically requested a king/double size bed. Please understand although we will make a bed type request on your behalf, bed types are subject to availability. Room selection in all cases is strictly at the discretion of the hotel's management on a run-of-house basis. Triple and quad occupancy rooms consist of two beds for cruises, whereas triple and quad rooms will consist of a twin bed for each person.

Some single rooms are smaller than standard room sizes. The number of persons accommodated does not dictate the room size. Although available at most 4- and 5-star hotels, the use of air-conditioning abroad differs greatly from the United States. Many European hotels were built before central air-conditioning was introduced. Air-conditioning is often shut down at night and from the end until the start of the summer

months. All hotel rates are based on Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel agreements with its suppliers and are not negotiable. Hotel check-in time is generally not before 3:00 p.m. and check-out time is prior to noon. Please be sure that adequate arrangements for accommodations have been taken into consideration when a late-night flight is being used. If a day room is included in the itinerary, check-out will normally be 6:00 p.m. We reserve the right to make substitutions with hotels of equal standard. There will be no refunds for any difference in the cost of those accommodations.


Hotel & Cruise Profiles:  Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel hotel and cruise ship profiles are

based upon information provided to Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel by hotel and cruise ship partners and their representatives, including images and descriptions of individual properties. Star-ratings

may differ from country to country.  Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel does its best to maintain current information, however, is not responsible for any inaccuracies, changes in description details or

amenities, or images provided by third parties.


Meals: As specified in each itinerary. Meals are based on the hotel's or restaurant's buffet or set menu. In

general, beverages are not included, unless specifically stated. Although Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel cannot make guarantees, every effort will be made to honor special dietary requests submitted in

writing at least 4 weeks prior to departure at


Transfers: Transfers are provided as indicated for each tour by car, minibus, or motor coach provided airfare

is purchased from Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel. If you purchase a land-only tour, or if you deviate from the arrival and/or departure dates as stated in the itinerary, you will have the responsibility to purchase your own transfer to the hotel. Your arrival transfer is guaranteed for up to one hour from your scheduled arrival time in order to compensate for minor delays.  Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel or the transfer company will not be responsible for flight delays, for any reason, beyond one hour from your originally scheduled arrival time. In case of a delay, whether due to flight delay, immigration, and customs, or

time spent reporting baggage damage or loss, it will be your responsibility to make other transfer

arrangements such as a taxi. Transfer costs are not refundable, and any additional expenses will be your

responsibility. The cost of a transfer is more expensive than hiring a taxi, as an Elite Lifestyle Travel transfer necessarily includes round trip service, or 'dead-leg', meaning that our driver must come to the

airport, hotel, or pier only to pick you up and necessarily loses a one-way fare. Often the places of call

(airports, seaports, hotels) demand entrance and parking fees, where drivers may have to wait for up to an

hour. Elite Lifestyle Travel transfer drivers, while not employees of Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel are reliable. They provide you with a full welcome service, transfer you to the correct

location, and are prepared to answer your questions along your ride. Passengers comfortable hiring a taxi on

their own and do not require assistance will save money.


Sightseeing & Itinerary: Will be operated by motor vehicle, its size dictated by the number of participants. Elite Lifestyle Travel tours’ have been designed to accommodate individuals as well as groups. Times listed in itineraries are approximate and meant only as guidelines. Some itineraries may have early morning start times for sightseeing in order to complete the touring during daylight hours or avoid afternoon heat in tropical and desert climates. It is your responsibility to arrive on time for all scheduled flights, cruises, and package components. Arriving late may be considered a "no-show", in which case you will not be eligible for a refund for the unused service(s). We cannot guarantee the number of passengers who will be on any given tour. You may find that you are traveling with a sizeable group or only with your own

companions. Services, however, will remain constant no matter the number of tour participants. Persons requiring any assistance or who have any form of disability should refer to section "Travelers With Disabilities". On dates including, but not limited to religious holidays and national celebrations, some monuments and sites may be closed. On these occasions, touring itineraries may be amended to reflect these

closures. Occasionally, during holidays and certain periods, and/or due to unforeseen circumstances including weather conditions there may be last-minute changes, sometimes after arrival, in affecting the sequence of the tour, locations visited, and/or hotels. Therefore, we reserve the right to adjust the sequence and/or substitute any hotels with others of a similar category. In such cases, there will be no cost adjustment. National

monuments and tourist sites regularly undergo renovations, which can obscure the monument's view. No the tour will be canceled due to renovations; however, Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel will decide based on the conditions whether to amend an itinerary.  Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel itineraries may contain suggestions for activities for your leisure time; these suggestions do not constitute an endorsement of any specific service provider and the decision to participate in any such activities should be made independently and with due consideration.


Rail: Once full payment is received, Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel will select train times, rail tickets will be issued, and are fully non-refundable. Except where requested in writing prior to final payment. Passengers traveling with a group may not request alternative train times. Once issued, rail tickets are valid for the dates and times specified. Some exchanges must be done locally at the station due to fare

restrictions. Changes may be subject to local charges, fees, and fare increases. Once the booked train has

departed, changes are no longer possible, nor can amendments be completed on board the train Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel does not control seat assignments which are entirely at the discretion of the rail companies. Once rail tickets are issued, they are fully non-refundable and non-changeable.


Group Harmony: To ensure the desired group synergy, Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel reserves the right to accept, reject or expel any individual who is deemed disruptive or incompatible with the interests

of the group, including, but not limited to, individuals who are intoxicated and/or under the influence of

drugs leading to a negative experience for the remainder of the group. Expenses, including cancellation fees

and/or costs for alternate travel plans or to return home, will necessarily be borne by the passenger. All

unused services are non-refundable.


CRUISES: Ship & Itinerary Changes: Cruise itineraries and ships are subject to change without notice. Furthermore,

cruise ships may be chartered and/or departure dates canceled; in which case, all monies will be refunded.

Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel takes no responsibility for ship substitutions or itinerary changes imposed by a cruise line and is not responsible for any losses you may incur including the issuance

and/or cancellation of airline tickets or visa fees.

Medical Services: Many ships do not carry a doctor or nurse on board. Should medical attention be required,

local services will be contacted. The resulting charges will be the responsibility of the passenger. Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel and the cruise ship operator are not responsible for the services provided.


Health Requirements: Check with your healthcare provider for up-to-date requirements. You may also check

the Centers for Disease Control ( and/or the World Health Organization ( for their recommendations. Required inoculations, if any, must be recorded by clients' health practitioners on a valid vaccination certificate which the client must carry for proof of inoculation where required. Individuals with heart disease, chronic illness, physical handicap, advanced pregnancy, or mental illness should not participate in these rigorous travel programs. Any person who arrives in the destination ill with an apparent fever or becomes ill during the tour will be removed from the group and directed to a local medical facility for diagnosis. Only upon clearance by an accredited medical facility will that individual be allowed to resume group travel. All costs associated with medical treatment and related expenses such as additional hotel nights or transportation not included in the original itinerary will necessarily be borne by the passenger. Please note that some countries may require aircraft cabin insecticide treatment for in-bound foreign flights. A list of such countries is available at:…/avi…/aircraft-disinsection-requirements.


Luggage (Airlines): Checked bags are typically limited to a total dimension of 62 inches by adding length +

width + height (example: 26"+26"+10" = 62”), and a maximum weight of 50 lbs (23kg). Many airlines apply

charges for checked bags. Elite Lifestyle Travel is not responsible for checked bag

fees, excess luggage, or weight charges levied by an airline. If your luggage is lost or damaged by the airlines, a

baggage claim form MUST be filed with the carrier before leaving the airport. We recommend that you use

brightly colored luggage tags, straps, or other identifiers to help you locate your luggage upon arrival or to

describe it if it is lost.


Luggage (Escorted Tours): All Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel escorted tour buses allow one piece of luggage per person, plus carry-on bag. Additional baggage will be subject to a handling charge of $100 per piece. As Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel will not be responsible for loss or damage to luggage and personal belongings, you MUST report any loss or damage immediately at the time of the incident and obtain a written report from the local authority for submission to your insurance provider.


Tipping: Complete tipping guidelines are as follows:

Drivers including private cars and motorcoach drivers: $5-$10 per person, per day

Tour Guides: $10-$20 per person, per day


PASSENGER AGREEMENT: All passengers are required to complete a Passenger Agreement prior to travel and, by so doing, formally accept Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel Terms & Conditions. Passengers booking online will be required to complete the Passenger Agreement at the time of booking. Passengers booking via telephone will be provided a verbal review of the Passenger Agreement, which will be

delivered via email shortly after the time of booking. Customers who are unable to receive and complete their Passenger Agreement via email may request the Agreement be provided via fax or mail. Travel documents will not be released without a completed Passenger Agreement. Elite Lifestyle Travel reserves the right to cancel bookings and return deposits without a completed Passenger Agreement. The Passenger Agreement incorporates these Terms & Conditions including the following Release from Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Binding Arbitration Clauses. Completion of the Passenger Agreement constitutes agreement to these Travel Terms & Conditions and Elite Lifestyle Travel

 Release from Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Binding Arbitration Clause.


RELEASE FROM LIABILITY: Paradise Life Travel & Tours LLC d/b/a  Elite Lifestyle Travel, its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, and affiliates, (collectively " Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel”) does not own or operate any entity which is to or does provide goods or services for your trip including, for example, ownership or control over hotels or other lodging facilities, airline, vessel, bus, van or other transportation companies, local ground operators, providers or organizers of optional excursions or equipment used thereon, food service or entertainment providers, etc. All such persons and entities are independent contractors. As a result, Elite Lifestyle Travel is not liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any such person

or entity, or of any other third party. Without limitation, Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel is not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to person or property, death, delay, or inconvenience in

connection with the provision of any goods or services occasioned by or resulting from, but not limited to, acts of God, acts of government, force majeure, acts of war or civil unrest, insurrection, or revolt, strikes or other labor activities, criminal or terrorist activities of any kind, or the threat thereof, overbooking or downgrading of accommodations, structural or other defective conditions in hotels or other lodging facilities,

mechanical or other failures of airplanes or other means of transportation or for any failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart timely or safely, dangers associated with or bites from animals, pests or insects, marine life or vegetation of any sort, dangers incident to recreational activities such as swimming, kayaking, sailing, canoeing, rafting, hiking, walking, bicycling, etc., sanitation problems, food

poisoning, lack of access to or quality of medical care, difficulty in evacuation in case of a medical or other emergency, illness, epidemics, or the threat thereof or for any other cause beyond the direct control of Elite Lifestyle Travel. In addition, I release Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel from its own negligence and assume all risk thereof. Paradise Life Travel & Tour d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel requires travelers to voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to coronavirus, any pandemics, an act of god, waive, release and discharge Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a and vendor, employees, and associates from any and all liability under any theory, whether in negligence or otherwise, for any illness or injury.


ASSUMPTION OF RISK: I am aware that travel such as that I am undertaking involves hazardous activities, with a risk of illness, injury, or death which may be caused by forces of nature, animals, insects, or flora, the negligence of Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel, or other persons and companies known or unknown, or of the willful or criminal conduct of third parties. I am aware that weather conditions may be severe, adverse, and/or unpleasant. I am also aware that medical services or facilities may not be readily available or accessible during some or all of the time during which I am participating on the trip. In order to partake of the enjoyment and excitement of this trip, I am willing to accept the risks and uncertainty involved as being an integral part of my adventure. I hereby accept and assume full responsibility for any and all risks of illness, injury, or death and of the negligence of Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel, host agency, employees, and all 3rd party vendors and agree to hold harmless and release Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel from claims of third-party negligence. I understand the physical requirements of the activity in which I will be participating, and I currently have no known physical, medical, or mental condition which would impair my ability to participate in this tour or my safety in this activity, and I am willing to assume all risks that may be created, directly or indirectly, by any such condition. I hereby authorize Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel or my local ground handler or others to arrange for any emergency medical treatment and hospitalization as may be necessary for me because of participation in this activity without my further consent.


BINDING ARBITRATION: I agree that any dispute concerning, relating, or referring to this Agreement, the brochure, or any other literature concerning my trip, or the trip itself, shall be resolved exclusively by binding arbitration pursuant to the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. §§1-16, either according to the then-existing Commercial Rules of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) or pursuant to the Comprehensive Arbitration Rules & Procedures of the Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services, Inc. (JAMS). Such proceedings will be governed by substantive (but not procedural) Georgia law and will take place in Atlanta, GA. The arbitrator and not any federal, state, or local court or agency shall have exclusive authority to resolve any dispute relating to the interpretation, applicability, enforceability, conscionabilty, or formation of this contract, including but not limited to any claim that all or any part of this contract is void or voidable. Please understand that by agreeing to these terms and conditions, you (and we) are waiving our right to a trial by



VOLUNTARY PARTICIPATION: I acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied to participate on the trip designated on this application (or a trip which I may change to) and that I have read the description of the trip as it appears in the current Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel website or itinerary, quote relating to the trip, together with all information contained in this application. I am voluntarily participating in this trip with knowledge of the hazards involved.


KNOWING AND VOLUNTARY EXECUTION: I have carefully read these Terms and Conditions and the booking information sections of this document, and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between myself Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel and agree of my own free will. By signing, I agree to these Travel Terms & Conditions and Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel Release from Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Binding Arbitration Clause for myself, each member of my traveling party, and any minor children accompanying me.


PHOTOGRAPHIC RELEASE: Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel may take photographs or videos of its trips and trip participants. Participants grant Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel permission to do so and for it to use the same for promotional or commercial use without payment of any compensation to the participant.



Agreement between Customer and Paradise Life Travel d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel, is offered to you, the customer, conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein. Your use of constitutes your agreement to all such terms, conditions, and notices.


Liability Disclaimer: The information, products, and services published on this website may include

inaccuracies or typographical errors. Changes are periodically made to the information which appears here. The content of this site is not guaranteed to be complete, accurate, or available and may be changed at any time without notice. Paradise Life Travel & Tours d/b/a Elite Lifestyle Travel may make improvements or changes on this website at any time. In no event shall Paradise Life Travel & Tours nor Elite Lifestyle Travel be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of, or in any way connected with, the use of this website, or for any information, products, and services obtained through this web site, or

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