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Thank you for contacting Elite Lifestyle Travel to plan your upcoming travel. To design the elite vacation, we need to get to know you. During our initial complimentary consultation, we'll get to know each other and discuss options for your trip.
What's next? Read the information on this page in its entirety.
The First step, complete our Travel Questionnaire. After you submit your form,
The Second step, you will be prompted to schedule your complimentary 20 minutes consultation. 


First Step:

To better serve you we want to know about your travel goals. What's your travel lifestyle?  Complete your travel questionnaire and provide us an insight into your travel destination, whom you are traveling with, budget, and other travel goals for your special trip. 

Travel Questionnaire

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Second Step:

 Once you have completed your Travel Questionnaire. Now, it's time to schedule your complimentary consultation. Where we review and get to know each other better to ensure we are a good fit. 

Travel Planning Retainer

Vacation planning requires an abundance of time. Our team of agents has traveled the globe to find incredible new destinations, fabulous hotels, luxury cruises, and the most unforgettable experiences. We bring this wealth of knowledge and our deep-rooted love of traveling together, crafting the perfect experiences for our clients

After your complimentary consultation, you decide to move forward our design fee is non-refundable and non-transferable per itinerary. Once your payment is received we will move forward with reaching and designing your travel itinerary.

Limited U.S.; the Caribbean, All-Inclusive Resorts, Mexico, Jamaica…

 One destination itinerary with two-three resorts or hotels with two quote updates

  • Solo, min group up to 4 people $ 75.00

  • Small group up to 9 people $175.00

  • Group 10 and up - $250.00

Multiple destinations are an additional $100 per destination.

International Destination (Europe, Africa, Asia, South America etc)

One destination itinerary with 1 full itinerary and three quote updates

  • Solo and Couples - $200.00

  • Group 10 or more - $ 300.00

Multiple destinations are an additional $100 per destination.

Villa and Private Homes

  •   The travel Planning fee is $250.00

   A signed lead host agreement is required

Elite Information 

A group resort booking contracts require 10 rooms.

Group Leader is required to sign a group agreement. 
Additional terms and conditions will apply once the itinerary/contract is selected.