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What to Consider When Choosing a Cruise Ship Cabin

Nothing quite beats a cruise vacation when it comes to exciting and unforgettable travel experiences. Whether an adventurous, fun-filled getaway or a relaxing, leisurely sojourn, cruising provides everything you need for a great time at sea, and your quarters will have a big impact on how much you enjoy the overall experience.

Size & Type of Cabin You’re Looking For

The number of people in your party and the type of vacation you’re planning will affect the optimal dimensions of your cabin, as it should be comfortable and feature plenty of space for all.

Most cruise lines offer a variety of sizes and styles to appeal to a range of tastes and preferences.

Here’s what to expect from some of the most common designs:

  • Inside/Interior: Typically smaller without much of a view, these are great options for travelers sailing on a budget.

  • Outside/Exterior: Similar to the sizes and styles of interior rooms, these tend to cost more and feature ocean views.

  • Balcony: These offer outside terraces for sunlight, fresh air, and spectacular views.

  • Suites: Extra comfy and luxurious; these boast plenty of space, individual living areas, and added amenities such as balconies, jacuzzis, and more.

Preferred Location on the Ship

Where your stateroom is situated on the ship is also something to consider when making your decision. Cruise ships can be massive, so the perfect location hinges on a traveler’s preferences, sensitivities, and the sheer convenience.

If you want a great view, try a balcony or spot at the back overlooking the ship’s wake. If you’re traveling with seniors or those who may have trouble climbing stairs, choose close proximity to the elevators. If you plan to be outside in the sun a lot, choose an upper-deck option near the pools and sun decks.

Be sure to consider direction, any potentially obstructed views, and how close you want to be too different services and attractions when booking your trip.

Cabin-Specific Features & Amenities

Cruise lines have many different tiers and options, and while you can expect basic services and amenities across the board, some lodgings have additional features and perks that could enhance your stay.

Bonuses can include balconies, jacuzzis, bars or dining areas, spa packages, walk-in closets, larger baths, and more. If you don’t plan on spending much time inside—preferring to explore the ship and ports of call—the standard comforts will suffice. A luxurious suite with exclusive perks will be optimal for those craving all the bells and whistles.

Do your research before booking to discover available amenities, services, and bonuses.


Your budget will be the ultimate determinant in your choice of cruising accommodations.

Interior options are by far the cheapest and thriftiest, perfect for solo or budget trips. Outer rooms tend to cost a bit more than interiors but are still among the least expensive, with better views.

Balcony rooms boast more space, along with refreshing sunlight and ocean views. Suites are the most expensive and luxurious, with plenty of space, incredible amenities, and other perks.

Most Popular Cruises & Cabin Styles for Different Traveler Types

Depending on your travel preferences, certain stateroom styles and offerings may be more appealing than others. From honeymoons and family reunions to luxury and solo voyages, finding the best cruises and accommodations for your stay means factoring in the sort of travel experience you’re after.

Planning a cruise vacation can be difficult. Working with a qualified travel advisor is the best way to ensure an unforgettable experience.

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