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6 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick From Your Flight

My mask is the one the items I don't travel without these days.  It's nothing new that people are more susceptible to getting sick after a flight. The close quarters to so many new people and low cabin humidity are two of the main reasons for this. Why? Because cabin humidity sits right around ten percent, your throat and nasal passages are more likely to dry up a bit, leaving it harder for you to fight off those pesky germs.

But there are some steps you can take to help keep your immune system strong:

Drink Airborne before the flight

This immune system booster is full of vitamins and herbs to help keep your defenses up. Don't have Airborne? Emergen-C is another great option.

Stay hydrated

Sipping on water throughout your flight will help keep your throat and nasal passages moist.

Use nasal mist

Although drinking water throughout your flight will help keep you hydrated, bringing a nasal mist along will make sure the germs stay as far away as possible.

Wash your hands

Or use a hand sanitizer, especially before eating.

Sanitize your seating area

Travel size clorox wipes can go a long way for staying healthy on a flight. Pull some out and sanitize the surfaces around you including: your seat, arm rests, headrest, tray table, seat beat and overhead air vents.

Turn on the air vent

Keep your air vent turned on and blowing away from your face.

Follow these tips for the best defense against those in-flight germs.

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