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What to Expect When Planning to Travel in 2022

Wow! It feels like we were just celebrating New Year 2022.

We are officially in Spring, and Jack Frost is still hanging around in Atlanta, GA. The trees are beginning to bloom, and they look so beautiful! The mixed weather has been great for my afternoon walks.

It seems we are finding our way out of these challenging times. So many travelers are beginning to get back out there and explore the world. I continuously hear from clients that they have been postponing a trip for so long, and they are ready to take their chances planning because it seems these uncertain times are here to stay.

What to expect when planning a trip for this year is the most frequently asked question these days, so I am sharing the answer and a few tips to start your planning.

Stay Flexible

This is super important these days. Planning to travel this year needs to stay flexible. Build in a couple of extra days if you need to adjust your plans. Tour guides work hard to keep on schedule. Sometimes your itinerary may change, so stay flexible. Knowing that you may need to postpone the trip is possible for various reasons. So plan the vacation but stay flexible.

Know Your Cancellation Policies

You need to know the cancellation policy for every trip you book. Review your travel advisor's terms and conditions and how they apply to your travel plans. When working with us, we provide you with the cancellation policies.

Masks are Needed

You will need to be prepared to wear masks at the airports for the duration of your flights and anywhere else they may be required.

Vaccination (with Booster) will Open the World

Countries have various entry and vaccination policies. Some restaurants, museums, etc. are requiring the guest to show proof of vaccination to enter many countries around the world.

Be Ready to take COVID Tests

In addition to vaccine requirements, some countries will require a negative COVID test to enter. The US also requires a negative COVID test before returning home. The test must be taken a maximum of 1 day before boarding your flight.

Have a Local Contact

We ensure clients have the most up-to-date guidelines and COVID testing requirements for each visiting country. Most of our hotel partners offer testing onsite, or we assist by providing clients with information on where to get tested. Additionally, we partner with local travel suppliers/partners that are available to assist clients should any questions arise.

We understand travel is fluid by continuing to work with our preferred partners around the world; our clients are taken care of every step of the way. These times have certainly made traveling a little more complicated, but we have adapted and adjusted to this new normal. As a result, our clients are still traveling safely and creating unforgettable memories.

We are here when you are ready to plan your next vacation or revisit your favorite spot. Contact us at 678-939-2648 or

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