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The Delta Sky Club: Shake Up

**Attention, Elite Travelers!**

We've got some vital updates that you won't want to miss. If you're a Delta enthusiast who cherishes the luxury of Delta Sky Club®️, it's time to gather around. Delta Airlines is gearing up for a major transformation in 2024 that will reshape the way you experience their lounges and achieve Medallion elite status.

Imagine this: A world of travel where every journey begins with exclusive comfort and convenience. Delta Sky Club lounges are your passport to this world. These sanctuaries within airports offer a haven of relaxation, delectable treats, and premium services that elevate your travel experience.

But here's the catch: Change is on the horizon. Delta has just unveiled a significant overhaul of the qualifications and access rules for Sky Club and their Medallion elite status program. What does this mean for you? It's time to get the inside scoop on these upcoming changes and how they'll affect your travels.

**Delta Sky Club Access Changes and Medallion Elite Status Updates: What You Need to Know**

**1. Changes to Sky Club Access:** Starting in 2025, access to Delta Sky Clubs for American Express cardholders is undergoing a transformation. If you hold premium American Express cards like The Platinum Card® from American Express or The Business Platinum Card® from American Express, the rules are changing. Currently, these cards provide unlimited access to Delta Sky Club lounges within three hours of departure when flying Delta Air Lines.

**What's Changing?** As of February 1, 2025, this unlimited access will no longer be available. Instead, here's what you can expect:

- **Delta Reserve and Delta Business Reserve Cardholders:** These individuals, with a $550 annual fee, will be limited to 10 Sky Club visits per program year. However, unlimited access can be unlocked by spending $75,000 on the card within a single calendar year.

- **Amex Platinum and Amex Business Platinum Cardholders:** For these cardholders, who pay a $695 annual fee, Delta Sky Club lounge access will be capped at six visits per year. But, similar to the Reserve cards, spending $75,000 on the card within a single calendar year will grant unlimited visits. Meeting this spending threshold will also unlock guest access at American Express Centurion Lounges.

**2. Changes to Medallion Elite Status:** Delta is revamping how it awards Medallion elite status. Starting next year, the key metric for elite status will be Medallion Qualifying Dollar (MQD), with higher requirements than the current system. Additionally, the MQD waiver offered by Delta credit cards will no longer be available.

**What Does This Mean for You?** Achieving elite status will become more challenging, so if you're a frequent Delta flyer, you'll want to plan your travel strategy accordingly.

**Why These Changes?** These adjustments aim to address overcrowding in Delta's airport lounges, enhancing the experience for travelers who value exclusivity.

Stay Updated: As these changes come into effect, it's crucial to stay informed about how they will impact your travel plans. Delta Airlines and American Express are continually working to provide the best possible experience for travelers.

Remember, travel can sometimes throw surprises your way, but with Elite Lifestyle Travel, we're here to keep you in the loop and help you navigate the evolving travel landscape. Don't forget to join our Facebook Community for the latest Delta Sky Club updates and other travel news. Safe and seamless travels, adventurers!

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