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Travel Agent vs. Travel Advisor: Who Are We, Really?

The travel industry is constantly evolving, with new trends and must-visit destinations emerging every season. So too is the work of travel professionals ever-changing, with our long list of duties continuously being modified to meet these growing demands and shifts alongside parallel technologies also reshaping our traditional roles.

We're therefore following the lead of the recently rebranded trade association the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) in dropping the term "travel agent," and adopting "travel advisor," to more accurately represent ourselves and our efforts.

Why the change?

"Travel agent" is grossly outdated and out of step with our current job responsibilities, a point driven home with the ASTA rebranding—its first in nearly 75 years.

Let's look at the differences between the old and new.

Travel Agents

When travel agents first entered the scene, they were essentially booking agents for airlines and hotels. At the time, the public couldn't do so for themselves.

Travel Advisors

A travel advisor is the new and improved version of the former. They don't just book flights, but as their name suggests, advise clients on everything from transportation to food to tours, and even lend personal touches. Travel advisors are specialists, deeply intimate with niches such as cruises, escorted land tours, bachelorette parties, and multigenerational family vacations, just to name a few.

Today, these advisors also travel themselves, thus possessing encyclopedic knowledge about the many destinations and adventures they're recommending and solidifying for clients. They also hold certifications, watch webinars, and continually educate themselves to remain up to date on all the latest trends and hotspots. Travel advisors also have plenty of connections, providing invaluable insights and the ability to secure the best possible pricing for clients.

We personalize each and every trip and ensure the best possible experiences for our clients. We cater to your every needs, share input from years of travel experience, and help educate guests about any number of associated topics.

All of these reasons contribute to why we're making this long overdue change.

The bottom line: We're so much more than a call center that takes credit card numbers and books flights. We advise.

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