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How to Make Your Hotel Room More Comfy

Especially if you’re on a long business trip, or even if you just get homesick easily, you can make your hotel room feel a bit more comfy with just a few easy moves:

1. Unpack Try to avoid living out of your suitcase. Unpacking your bags will help you feel like your hotel room is more than just a place to crash.

2. Light a Candle There’s nothing like scents to transport you to your more comfortable place. Get out that just-cleaned hotel smell with your favorite candle (after checking with the front desk). If candles are not allowed spray your favorite air fresher.

3. Bring Your Own Coffee The most important “meal” of the day: your morning coffee. Bring your own and you’ll instantly feel a little bit better.

4. Bring Your Own Pillow & Blanket Nothing will help you feel more comfortable quite like your own blanket and pillows.

5. Pack Some Family Photos A trick for those who travel a lot for business, bring your family with you.

6. Stream Your Own Shows So long as the hotel’s tv has an HDMI cable you can stream whatever show you were binging.

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