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7 Unforgettable Yoga Retreat Destinations

Yoga originated in India some 5,000 years ago and has since become a worldwide activity. With its combination of physical and mental benefits, yoga has provided millions of people of all ages with a sense of balance in their lives.

Perhaps you’re among them. If you’ve ever wanted to combine your love for yoga with an unforgettable vacation, consider these destinations, one on each continent:

Cambodia - Hariharalaya Retreat Centre

When you arrive at the Hariharalaya Retreat Centre, you’ll feel like you’re traveling back in time. Not only is the resort near the ancient Khmer capital of the same name, hosts collect your phones, tablets, and computers the moment you step inside. From there, you’ll embark on an intense spiritual journey, learning principles along the way that will help you lead a balanced life. The accommodations are sweet, too, with choices that range from traditional hostels to one-room huts to garden rooms shaded by the jungle canopy.

Croatia - Hvar

Croatia’s picturesque Adriatic Coast continues to grow in popularity as a travel destination with a bevy of boating and beachside activities. The city of Hvar, on the western tip of the island of the same name, stands out for its sun-soaked yoga. The crystal-blue waters welcome travelers year round in ideal conditions: The temperature hovers in the 50s during the winter and the mid-80s in the summer. Book a stay at the Suncokret Body & Soul Retreat for a holistic experience on land and sea.

Fiji - Daku Resort

Yoga in Fiji is yoga at the edge of the world. The International Date Line passes through the Fijian island of Taveuni, so travelers can literally stand in two days at once. Then again, that’s less fun than spending time in the South Pacific and doing yoga in a seaside hut. That’s what the Daku Resort offers, with a variety of options to choose from. While you’re there, you could also indulge in other oceanic activities such as snorkeling, bird-watching, and scuba diving.

Mexico - Prana Del Mar

On the Pacific Coast on the southern tip of Baja California sits a yoga paradise. Prana Del Mar gives visitors an all-encompassing experience covering the full gamut of relaxation. You can enjoy yoga at the resort, or on the beach itself. When you’re done, relax in a hammock in one of the gardens, or try your hand at surfing. With its unique geography—mountains, jungles, and miles of pristine beaches—Mexico has much to offer in terms of yoga options, but Prana Del Mar is a step above the rest.

Morocco - Surf Maroc

Rugged or experienced yogis and yoginas would classify Morocco’s inland terrain as an inviting challenge. After all, the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert each present more exotic settings than your typical yoga studios. But Surf Maroc is the pick here. Why? The lodging itself is spectacular, where guests walk back and forth from the beach to the garden. Plus, the combination surf and yoga package is perfect for couples or groups. You’ll practice yoga at sunrise and sunset with surfing lessons in the morning. The afternoon is for a nice siesta on the beach.

Peru - Willka T’ika

Venture to the Andes, where you’ll find modern bliss in an ancient setting. Nestled between the ruins of Machu Picchu and the Incan capital of Cusco, Willka T’ika welcomes yogis and yoginas to an eco-friendly, enlightening retreat. You’ll get an authentic Incan experience with locally raised and cooked foods, explorations of the surrounding mountains and jungle, and walks through quaint villages. At each step, you’ll feel simultaneously at peace and invigorated physically and spiritually.

Yoga in Antarctica

Quark Expeditions, which takes travelers on trips to Antarctica, has opportunities for bundled-up yoga enthusiasts to practice their Downward Dog (or is it Sliding Penguin?) near the polar ice cap.

Contact us to begin planning your next vacation.

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